Gelblaster .
Kaikki mitä tarvitset parhaaseen takapihan peliin.
Gelblaster ampuu geelipalloja joita itse suurennetaan vedellä.

Pakettiin sisältyy.
Gelblaster merkain, sininen / punainen.
1000 geelipalloja ( lisäät vain vettä )
Li-on akku USB lataus kaapeli
2 kpl lippaita
Laser tähtäin ( Paristo sisältyy )
Vaihdettava pidempi piippu
Englannin kielinen manuaali

CharacteristicsThis is a easy-to-use Package with everything you need to play GelBall!

Field GelBlast Action Pack Red/Blue, INCLUDES:
- GelBlast gun
- Aprox. 1000 Gel balls, just add water!
- Safety Goggles
- Rechargable removable Li-on Battery and USB Battery Charger Cable
- 2 Hoppers
- Laser Sight (battery included)
- Extented Barrel Tip
- User Manual

- The gelballs evaporate and dissolve after shooting, making it a clean and mess-free activity for kids and families!

- The included gelballs seeds should be immersed in water for aprox. 2hours before using, the gelseeds will grow to full sized gelballs, then, just remove the extra water and play!

- The Li-onbattery fully charges in aprox. 1.30h and can fire up to 14 loaders, aprox. 7.000 rounds.
- Unused gelballs should be stored in a airtight container in order to use them later.
- Extra gelballs sold separately: Field GelBlast 10k Balls Re
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