Coltri ST755 kmpressori öljy 5Litraa

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Coltri Öljy ST755 / 5 litraa.
ST755 vähentää öljyn kulutusta 30%  >> 50%

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Coltri Oil ST 755 extends oil change intervals up to 8 times!

Coltri Oil ST 755 synthetic lubricant has a much longer service life than mineral lubricants thanks the exceptional thermal and oxidation stability of its components.

Coltri Oil ST 755 reduces consumption of oil from 30% up to 50%!

At 100 ° C, it has an extremely low volatility compared to a mineral oil of the same viscosity. This, in combination with a lower operating temperature, due to better lubrication, leads to a significant reduction in consumption with less storage requirements.

Extends the life of components by reducing electricity consumption.

In direct comparison between a mineral and Coltri Oil ST 755 reduces wear and extends the life of the compressors thanks to a lower coefficient of friction and optimized anti-wear additives, resulting in less wear, less maintenance intervals and lower costs.

Keeps cars clean thanks to its cleansing power.

It does not leave encrustations and cleans up the carbon residues created by the use of mineral oils. Coltri lubricant eliminates all types of carbon deposits. The superior resistance to oxidation and thermal stability of Coltri synthetic components reduces the formation of carbon deposits: this means less maintenance, less downtime and great safety of use.

Coltri Oil ST 755 adheres with great tenacity to metal surfaces.

Thanks to the polarity of its particular molecules, it minimizes wear due to cold starts and harsh working conditions.

The best choice of lubricant for high temperatures.

Coltri Oil ST 755 has a wide temperature range (-15 ° C to + 250 ° C) it can therefore be used in all seasons.

The characteristic of resistance to high temperatures allows an efficient use at maximum temperature. There is no need for seasonal oil changes, thus reducing inventory and the potential risk of contamination with the wrong oils.

Coltri Oil ST 755 has a high ignition, flammability and self-ignition point!

Coltri synthetic lubricants significantly reduce the risk of accidental fires. With a flash point of about 60 ° C and auto-ignition temperatures of about 120 ° C higher than mineral oils on the market, with lower volatility and mono carbon deposits, your safety margin increases significantly.
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